Glera Frizzante – 11% VOL

Glera Frizzante on Tap

Veneto, North Italy

Cool serving (4-8° C).

The wine will keep fresh for 6 – 9 months fresh from filling and 4 weeks once opened
Storage: ambient temperature

Polykeg – use with Co2 (Sankey fitting)

Keykeg – use with air, mixed gas (Keykeg fitting)

Connect Glera Frizzante on tap to an existing dispense system – same set up a lager. Vegan product.

10g/litre sugar content.

Check out how a simple install works

The Vineyard: A family business, founded in the 1960’s. Has a turnover of over £5m per annum and global distribution to Asia, the US and W. Europe. Based in Veneto within the Treviso province.

The Frizzante Wine: Frequent winners of awards within the region. Produced in the vines of Marca Trevigiana, the Glera Frizzante is particularly fruity, slightly aromatic and rounded sparkling wine.


Price from £140.00 per 20 litres / £5.25 per 75 cl excl. VAT

Sparkling white – using the the glera (prosecco) grape this wine is fruity, smooth and a little bit aromatic; it is good as aperitif & with cocktails.

100% Glera grapes IGT – the best classification for ONTAP frizzante.

Keg size 20 litres – Equivalent 75cl price under £6.50


20 LitrePer bottle equivalentPer glass equivalent
1-3 kegs (delivery charge)160.00 + 8.006.301.05
4-9 kegs (free delivery)
10 - 19 kegs (free delivery)152.505.720.95
20+ kegs (free delivery)

Italian grapes are classified IGT, DOC, DOCG – demonstrating the control of production.

VDT “Table wine” Typically a mixture of grapes from the local region

IGT “Simple & Young wines” Mostly young wines from grapes grown locally

DOC “Controlled” This is where you’ll start paying a little more – but still affordable. A DOC wine will follow regional wine making rules.

DOCG “Guaranteed – follows strict guidelines” Vineyards can only grow so much of it, wines have longer aging periods, and must pass a taste testing by the goverrnment licensed personal.

Be conscious of the term prosecco on tap, albeit glera grapes are the grapes in prosecco the term prosecco on tap is not allowable by Italian law. Simply put prosecco can only be called prosecco in bottles.

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