Mobile Wine Dispense

A portable dispense unit that is complete with cooler, compressor, taps and air pressure which is then connected to the keg of wine. Transportable for mobile bars, or to be built around your bar set up.

Plug into electricity and within 10 minutes you are pouring wine on tap!

Mobile Dispense (1 or 2 Taps)

The LINDR Pygmy 30/Kprofi beer cooler is named after its high performance of 25-30 litres/hr, small dimensions and regulatory air system, opening new opportunities for both domestic and commercial use. It also comes with an inbuilt compressor (no Co2 required).

Available from £505 + £49 for 1 connector ex. VAT click here

Double Tap available (40 litres/hr)for £615 + £98 for 2 connectors ex. VAT click here
Compressor for Co2 / Mixed Gas can be added to switch out for air if necessary – Either works with wine and beer

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Mobile Dispense (2 Tap)

The LINDR KONTAKT 55/Kprofi is a professional cooling system which stands out from our range of dry contact cooling systems for its versatile use in the commercial use, breweries or larger receptions. 55 litres/hr

This cooler is equipped with a completely unique high quality system with a quiet inbuilt air compressor and molecule suction air filter (no Co2 required).

Available for £845 + £98 for 2 connectors ex. VAT click here

Works with wine, cocktails or beer

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Mobile Dispense (Wood)

The luxurious LINDR Soudek 50/K beer cooler is designed for professional cooling, tapping and dispensing of excellent chilled beer both in professional, commercial and home use. Its decor and aesthetic design of high quality processed oak wood with stainless steel, makes this cooler the perfect accessory for a modern restaurant or bar. It also comes with an inbuilt compressor.

Available for £795 + £98 for 2 connectors ex. VAT or an additional £155 for a third tap click here

Works with wine, cocktails or beer

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Mobile Bar

Are you looking for a Mobile Bar conversion? Piaggio ape, Horse Box, Milk Float or more…get in touch, we have a range of partners who can support with the full build or partial build.

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How It Works

Dispensing sparkling wine has similarities to dispensing lager; the only real difference is that it’s wine!

Below is a basic drinks dispense diagram showing how to install a single point of draught/keg wine or beer on a typical UK set-up using a mobile dispenser with inbuilt air compressor.
PRESSURE/AIR- The air pressure runs into the side of the wine keg connection.
WINE- The wine runs from the keg to the dispenser which is then cooled at point of pouring. Then from the cooler into the wine tap.

There is usually a flow controller between the outlet of the cooler and wine tap to adjust how fast the wine is poured. Pressure to be set at 3.2 bar (beer normally 1.2 bar)


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