Vegan Wines on Tap…its vegan month

Vegan Wines on Tap – Our guest blogger this month is our Operations Specialist Kerry all about Vegan wines…

Whilst it would be easy to assume all wine is vegan given wine = fermented grapes, the filtration and fining process necessary to achieve clarification of wine traditionally requires the use of eggs, intestines and even fish bladders! Not a pleasant thought, right?

Thankfully no such ingredients are used in any process whilst producing our fantastic wines on tap.

What else about our vegan friendly wines on tap;
•The wine maintains a higher level of the antioxidant reservatrol an anti-ageing agent! Due to the reduction of chemicals and preservatives.
•Lower levels of sulphites mean a reduction of sulphite-linked reactions commonly assumed to be associated with headaches and rashes. Reduction of chemicals used in the process not only contribute to a healthier you, but also a healthier eco-system.
•Finally, we think it’s safe to say the lack of harmful preservatives certainly gives the wine a fresher taste.

We’ll drink to that ~ Cheers!

On a serious note, no bathing in wine to look younger – Drink responsibly

New to ON TAP drinks? or, just wine or cocktails

8 years ago when we started the business it took us time to learn about dispense systems – what pressure, what is the keg coupler, how do I connect it all together, what’s best Co2, air or mixed gas, line length, line thickness? Arrghh! We know full well the uncertainty that can be around setting up a new dispense system for ON TAP drinks.


We’ll start with the flow of how wine is dispensed in a traditional set up…


Want to know more? Here’s our customer on-boarding document in PDF to give you some more details and a diagram of the flow

Italian wine classifications

Ever wondered about wine classifications – those 3 or 4 characters on a label?

Here’s a quick guide…

VDT “Table wine” Typically a mixture of grapes from the local region

IGT “Simple & Young wines” Mostly young wines from grapes grown locally

DOC “Controlled” This is where you’ll start paying a little more – but still affordable. A DOC wine will follow regional wine making rules.

DOCG “Guaranteed – follows strict guidelines” Vineyards can only grow so much of it, wines have longer aging periods, and must pass a taste testing by the goverrnment licensed personal.


It’s the start of the blog…

I’m Andy, the business founder and welcome to our blog to share knowledge about connections to our business. I welcome your comments and any suggested content…

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