About Us

Inspired by the desire for great tasting drinks along with fast service is absolutely our priority. The founders met in a busy bar whilst queuing for drinks – this took too long, thankfully so – it’s why were now trading nationwide ON TAP drinks! The Sparkling Wine Company is evolving into the “ON TAP” drinks brand.

We supply ON TAP Drinks. Originally starting off with sparkling wine products our range now includes Sparkling & still wine ON TAP, cocktails ON TAP and bottled English fizz, prosecco and champagne. Everything we offer is direct from source may it be the vineyard, cocktail producer or brewer.

We are committed to making our customers excited and satisfied with the wine and cocktails including the special personal service we provide. We supply all trade customers & resellers throughout the UK. Furthermore, if there isn’t a drink on offer here – ask us! We have some great relationships and can seek to support – for example; bulk liquids, bottled products in all drink types.

By offering drinks on tap, wine and cocktails go from the barrel, to a keg, to your glass. Just amazing drinks at an amazing value. That’s what we’re about, bringing quality On Tap drinks in “one-way” recyclable kegs. We use 100% natural ingredients and most on tap drinks are vegan friendly.

It’s amazing for those busy bars to speed up service. No more wastage of half-full bottles which have lost their sparkles at the end of service OR wasted fresh produce including poorly mixed cocktails.

What Else?

Along with offering NEXT DAY delivery on our leading sparkling wines on tap, The Sparkling Wine Co also sells still wines and cocktails by the keg.

Still wines including; Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon PLUS a sparkling rose frizzante.

Cocktails; Some of the most popular in the UK on trade market including mojito on tap, gin on tap, vodka on tap with many more to come.

Bottled wines including Prosecco and English sparkling wine. Furthermore, we also provide bottled Cremant & Champagne on request. Click here to view our bottles.


Our Kegs

We use a variety of kegs depending on your need – once opened fresh for 4 weeks, un-opened 6-9 months from filling. The sparkling wines are under pressure already so are sparkling within the keg.

If using Co2 – we provide a POLYKEG.

If using Mixed Gas or Air – we provide a KEYKEG.

They are 20 litres – 160 x 125ml flutes – therefore, if you are selling 40 glasses of prosecco per week – GLERA FRIZZANTE on tap may be a suitable option to consider.

Frizzante On Tap

GLERA FRIZZANTE on tap provided by The Sparkling Wine Co uses 100% glera grapes (prosecco grape) to create a lightly sparkling wine on tap. The Italian law demands that prosecco is sold in a bottle rather than a keg – therefore, prosecco on tap is not the preferred labelling.

The wine provided is using the prosecco grape so offers the tasting notes our nation loves! Prosecco continues to grow +10% per year and now outgrowing the demand of Champagne within the UK.

Fancy a FREE SAMPLE? Get in Touch

We often get asked about champagne on tap or English sparkling wine on tap. Due to the secondary fermentation process & pressure it’s not available to be stored in keg. So using a prosecco alternative GLERA FRIZZANTE on tap from The Sparkling Wine Co is an option.

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Why Us

Award Winning Vineyards and Famous Cocktails
We provide your customers with award winners!

Nationwide we do small orders on next day - Order by 12pm - certain lines

We want to ensure you are satisfied and will do our very best to make sure that happens

No problem we’ve got it - Order by 12pm on Friday (via phone / additional charge)

Nationwide network of professional installers

It’s not just the frizzante, we do still wines and the best cocktails! YES - in a keg!

A full range of bottled prosecco plus, Cremont & English Sparkling

Our one-way kegs are GREEN- fully recycable